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This, uh, 'impressionistic', piece first came to life as an article in the early 1990s while Alien3 crawled round cinemas in the crappy version it still was back then.
I say crappy with the benefit of dvd comparison to the ‘Fincher version’ but my initial view of the movie was positive – despite glaring faults and obvious production interference.

This was definitely something of the minority view and so, after a few fierce arguments, the article was pretty much forgotten by all and sundry (i.e. me). However, after Alien IV came out I rediscovered and rewrote the thing to include some of its scenes and characters.

Then put it back to the mercy of cryo-sleep.
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Watching a flag get trampled in the dirt always brought a tear to Jerry’s eye, it was the romantic in him; Even if the flag was the United Colours of Benetton.

Squinting through the astringent smoke and with his ears ringing to the piped strains of Anarchy in the UK, the last of the musician assassins watched as the stubborn defenders of the accessories department finally gave up the ghost and arranged themselves in an artful display of splashes, drips and smears; Abstract expressionism at its very best, look good on a billboard too, one day.

Maybe in the past.

He squeezed off a photo just in case.
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There will be those that say, “A beginning is a time for taking the most delicate care…”

But I am neither delicate nor careful.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]"My user-name? Why do you need to know?"

It was a direct question - I'm not used to direct questions. I'm not used to direct answers either.
"Well your tag can tell us a lot about you - your personality, how you see yourself."
"Isn't that just semantics?"
"Words, yes - but..."
"Like the way you said tag..."
"You don't like 'user-name'? You don't want to be seen as a user? Or - did you think that it was a kindness to me, Mr Deckard?"

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[Error: unknown template qotd]"You ever take one of these tests Walter?" it was a friendly question asked by a man with a smile, a smile that stayed on his lips and went nowhere else.
"Huh Walter?"

Skinner made a sound in his throat and directed his answer instead to the figure in the shadows.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Diane, it’s 9.30 a.m. a clear day, over-cast however. Yes, probably a south westerly, low pressure judging from the extra exertion it took to complete my exercises this morning. Yes, Diane you will be pleased to hear that I am a man of my word and that word is ‘routine’.

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part two:

Things have a way of coming at you sideways on Mars, and that includes Martians.
“I’m sorry,” I heard myself say, “what?”
“Only you’re standing in my light d’you see?” said the Martian.
“What?” I said again, somewhat stupidly, and turned around. The Martian was looking at me intently and with a slight frown. The skin of his face was as white as the wreckage of his architecture; his eyes were a luminescent gold that I remembered all too well.
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There’s a lot of things we don’t admit to ourselves, thoughts, truths, memories, dreams. We hang them on a far peg in the battered closet we never use. You know the kind, every home has one; Guess that old thing needs a little repair and didn’t the handle use to be a different colour?
Well next spring cleaning,
we always promise, and it’ll get fixed.
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"You ever watch movies?" A man turns his face up into the light, tilts his welding goggles, I can see sweat on his cheeks shiny as mine.


"Yeah like, old ones - from before."
He must be catching a breath, I don't like the angle of that torch. Thing might be turned off now - but you sway that baby against your skin and the nozzle will eat right through you. 

"I thought they were joking."

Man blinks. "Huh?"
"The guys - they said you had a thing; old stuff, junk and whatever, from the Earth-that-was."


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"Come child, you're supposed to walk in the dress - not through it!"
The tutor  waved a hand.
"It is supposed to flow around you - like music, neh?"
Not the best analogy, thought Nandi, her face creasing to match the fabric.
She shifted her body awkwardly inside the material. It's not just the dress that doesn't fit.
Some girls maybe, some girls they could... like music. Some girls, she thought, like Inara

sound plausible?
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Prince Florizel’s remarkable facility with disguise, which is well known, was also of necessity undetectable. Many avid followers of the flamboyant Bohemian’s whimsical forays into adventure had speculated on the appearance and manner of these disguises, often to the Prince’s own amusement as he read the letters in the Sunday papers. But it was the source and maintenance of these disguises that, by their very nature, invited the most speculation – since they were of course the most secret.

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sorry for the delay - lost the net for 24hrs again.

Independently Blue:

this fic is inspired by characters and situations created by joss whedon, tim minear and brett matthews, i have no claim or copyright on this material. PG-13 - final partconclusion )
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Independently Blue:

this fic is inspired by characters and situations created by joss whedon, tim minear
and brett matthews, i have no claim or copyright on this material.
PG-13 - part two.

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Independently Blue:

this fic is inspired by characters and situations created by joss whedon, tim minear and brett matthews, i have no claim or copyright on this material.
PG-13 - part one.
this story is set quite some time after Serenity the movie but flashes back to episodes from the firefly series.

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In the past they promised us jetpacks for the future. We’re still waiting. What is your ideal mode of transportation? Has it been invented yet?

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Transport. The sun was setting now low over the broken metallic teeth of a dozen wrecked vehicles, pieces of machinery - motors, wings, doors, wheels and the what-nots, all piled up into a crude semi-circular wall, with many more strewn across the sandy space of the yard itself.
Not an easy place to walk straight across - from the gate to the crumpled looking shack of an office. Not without tripping over something.

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They were ghosts at the waters edge, the two children, barely disturbing the surface tension of the air.
The sun was rising and the lake was beginning to gleam red.
The mist, coming up to meet the morning, was clotted and thick - but it was burning away fast.
One child was looking at the other - and that child was looking into nothing.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] "It's funny," said Durran Haymer sounding sad, "I'd forgotten there were beaches."
The wreckage of the container drone was sat on a neat square of white plastic, and he surveyed it with a melancholy air. "Some things rust quickly don't they.."
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She loved Vancouver and she loved to dance...
under the moody rusted fire escapes, along the wide alleys behind the back of tenements and with the chill wind catching her skirts. The sun like another flashbulb popping on and off between shutters of cloud. The music around her and the underlying traffic drone just another murmur of appreciation as she balanced her body backwards, as she flung out an arm, as she rippled and twisted with liquid grace. There was always freedom in dancing, in movement, in her body.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]
"It's a vacation Mulder - some of us have them."

Dana Scully looked at Fox Mulder and hoped the expression of irony on his face would fade.
Fox Mulder looked at Dana Scully, clad in an over-size lumber shirt and a pair of steel spectacles and he thought -

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The Adventure of the Holy Terrors:


Over the years some few cases brought to conclusion by Mr Sherlock Holmes whilst still in the callow blush of his early manhood have become a matter of public record, both through my efforts as biographer and by various journalists and members of the literary press; such cases as the Gloria Scott and The Musgrave Ritual.


However, such scattered anecdotes aside, the background and personal history of my esteemed companion have remained as much a mystery, as abstruse a puzzle, as any of his famous cases. It was indeed fortunate therefore that having been driven into the attic by a mixture of boredom and the frustrations of the early March gales, I once again obtained some insight into the early career and personality of my friend.

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