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An elephant was on holiday.
When asked "And how is it going?" he replied, rubbing his hands together as he did so, "Oh it's very nice but also very cold! Verrrry cold!"

So cold, in fact, that he was going to the Winter Palace to find out why.
The Winter Palace, as it transpired, was ruled by King Edward the George.
("What's a George?" I asked. "Don't be silly!" was the answer.)

When the elephant arrived, King Edward was just talking to his servants - all of whom were complaining of the cold. But the loudest complaint by far was coming from a tall Viking warrior (and fierce!) called Neizel Van Wingful III. The Viking was understandably upset because in the middle of his wedding service Betty, his beloved bride to be, had frozen on the spot and was now just an ice cube!
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this was put together to use in a classroom of mixed ability youngsters in order to provoke light-hearted discussions and some art work. the first section is really to be read to a group whilst the 'dr seuss' bit is for everyone to have a crack at. i wouldn't call it literary, and i don't know if it's worth reading on its own but... it was fun to do!

The moose-goose from the planet Ondaloose:

for d'arcy and aliasse

If, like me, you are starry eyed as the big dark sky and spend nights dreaming or searching for magic strangeness, planets and comets and alien stuff – well, this story is for you and every word of it true, crossed fingers, honest!

Up in the left corner of the universe, and flashy with it, is the purple planet Ondaloose - that’s right, the one with yellow spots, have you seen it before?

Well Mickey and Tam had – and lots of times, in fact they claimed to be the very two discoverers of that mystifying world. Apparently the amazing discovery was made as they waved at each other from the windows of their homes one evening after school. School had been fun that day, they had learned all about Pirates. In class the children had made eye patches and parrots and telescopes out of bright coloured paper and glitter and silver stars.

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Quickly the two children darted forward and toward the light, they could hear a sort of frantic moaning coming from the glow ahead of them. As they got close they were astonished by what they could see. Another faery, of course, but what a faery! A fiery faery!

Were those legs or wheels turning furiously on the spot? Fred and Sue could not be sure. Were those ribs and a chest puffing in and out – or a bellows and cogs? One moment it seemed like flesh (albeit shiny faery flesh) and the next moment the creature appeared to be made of metal and smoke. And the hair! Well, the hair was really the problem, shooting out from the spirit child’s head and curling and whirling about like so much steam, it made the children cough; Worse though it tangled itself in the bushes and trees like so much smoky rope, refusing to dissipate.

“Help! Help!” sang out the little faery voice. “I’m all caught up and the Earl is close behind and me and he’s annoyed extra special with me - I swallowed one of his toys, hee, hee, hee! I mean, oops! I mean, HELP!”


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And so saying the old woman gathered the children to her with her long and spindly arms and she walked them up the narrow stairs of the cottage and into her bedroom. Standing by the wooden chest of drawers and the foggy mirror and the open jewellery box and the folded pieces of material and pointing out to small window she spoke again.

“From here you can see the wood,” she said, her voice rustling like the forest she was describing. “At night you can watch the dancing lights, sometimes you can hear little voices in the dark, drifting songs, faery talk…” she sighed, “or rather you could do. Not any more. One by one, it seems, the lights have gone out. There are so few now… three perhaps, yes, just three.” And Grandma sighed again.

Fred looked at Sue. Sue looked at Fred. They both looked at Grandma.

“Where have they gone?” The children asked.


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part one

Once upon a time, it was believed that the deep places of the earth held both magic and mystery and that among the unscientific shadows dwelt all manner of faerie-folk, elves, spirits, animals and half forgotten figures from dreams.

It was during such a time that, in the little kingdom of Oritania two children were born and raised, laughing and playing out their years. A boy and girl; Chuffcuffchippinapapapalollagrumia (hereafter known as Fred) and his sister Califorbiplataparisianfrizianisianisntshewellidon'tknow (I think we better just call her Sue).

Together these two children lived in a small town house in the tumbling town of Tuttenham. The Tumbling Town (or Tumble Town) was so called because it so often fell down in a heap after rolling the length of the great mountain upon which it was somewhat foolishly founded; several times in its history the towns denizens had been rudely awoken by a sound akin to the hard grinding of teeth only to find themselves with their heads poking up from a mess of rubble. "Hey ho" they would sigh and the gathering together begin the arduous process of picking up al the bricks and bric-a-brac and marching back up the hill to put their town back.
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Part four: in which there are many pauses before various kinds of foolishness reap unexpected reward.

Having uttered his dire warning, the king’s communication ceased with a bang as the teapot lid snapped shut.

There was a pause.
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Part three: in which there are clowns, puppets and a King

“Eat me? Eat me!” squeaked Peter – “But you can’t eat me!”
Even as he spoke, Peter saw the mouth of the spider chewing up and down and the teeth like knitting needles clacked together. Peter was very quickly bound by sticky lengths of webbing.

“Oh really” said the spider smoothly, “and why ever not?”
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Part two: in which there is a spider - and Peter says "Eep!"

And so it was that the next day came and Young Peter found himself walking the winding paths up the mountain and towards the castle of the King. He had been very surprised to learn of a castle, let alone a king – the village of Lowbury didn’t seem ‘regal’ somehow. But indeed there was a castle, and there was a king.
“He... well, he doesn’t come down too often,” the Landlord had said last night, as he stood talking business with Peter in the tiny office back at the tavern. “And what with his temper, we daren’t go up. Things were not always as they are… but we love the King just the same.”

It all sounded very silly indeed to Young Peter.
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This story was told to a group of very young children.

Part one: In which there isn't a spider or a king - but there are goats, that's something at least!

Young Peter was known as the scourge of the territories, the worst thief and burglar to ride the four winds, sail the seven seas and walk the nine realms. Yes indeed, he was known as such and called as much – “Have you heard?” people would mutter, “Why that is young Peter, the worst thief and burglar to ride the four winds, sail the seven seas and walk the nine realms.” And a call would be passed along, “Quickly, quickly, lock all your doors and bar your windows! Keep your lanterns bright, for here is young Peter, the scourge of the territories, the worst thief and burglar to ride the four winds, sail the seven seas and walk the nine realms!”
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Part 4: in which there are pancakes and illuminations

 A few seconds later and Nina and her Granddad were dancing about the kitchen with bowls, and flour, (Granddad managed to get that in his beard as well) and - "eggs! Where's me eggs!" Grandpa sounded stricken. "The eggs..." said Nina slowly, "from the chickens?"
"From MY chickens I'll have you know" Granddad sounded proud.

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Part three: in which there are chickens and bubbles.

Nina was grateful for the voice she heard bellowing orders, she couldn't make out the words but the men seemed to recognise the sound if nothing else for they jumped as one and scuttled back to their duties.
"I should think so too!" Nina was still hot-faced.
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PART TWO: in which there is cake and a shell...

Granddad stood in the doorway, blinking and looking a little confused. "Greetings!" Nina said quickly,
"We are the delegation from the planet of cake!"
And she held out the box.
Grandpa looked down at the box and then at Nina.
"Cake y'say? Well then - you'd better come in!" and he laughed his trumpeting laugh.
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PART ONE: in which there is a car and a castle...

It was Nina's job to hold on to the neatly wrapped box with the cake inside.
This, she felt was an important job - even if her parents didn't say as much. No, it was important and she was glad to have volunteered for the task.
They were going to see Granddad today.

Grandpa lived in a strange place that Nina liked to call The Castle -made of little square towers and rooms and odd abutments.
Her parents called it The Home - which of course it was, for Grandpa.
Granddad himself called it "This PLACE" as if it was the whole world - which of course it was, for Grandpa.

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In one of my other incarnations, i am an occasional storyteller for children's groups -
(out here in the wilds).
whenever they can be corralled sufficiently to sit around and listen to the likes of me anyway!

Just recently it occurred to me that it might be an idea to jot some of these down before they're forgotten -
since i make them up on the spot and don't have any notes or whatever REAL story people have up their sleeves. 
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