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so i was thinking about dance and how it often strikes me as human language, body language, the body singing and shouting and stalling and squawking and expressing and refusing to express and all the wonderful and frustrating contradictions and frictions and fictions it can weave - and basically wondering why it is i don't respond to the contemporary work of la la la human steps in the way i used to.

the more recent work of Edouard Lock is undeniably beautiful (and exquisitely performed - in their way the soloists are as fierce on it as ever), and yet...
what has happened?

is it just me that sees a glassy kind of narcissism in the very introverted and tastefully rendered pieces?

is it just my fear of the bourgeois that causes me to regret the neo-classicist reworking of the Lou Reed piece Waiting for the Man, used in the film of Amelia? Music that strikes me as designed to impress documentary makers.

The use of traditional motifs such as the marionette v. svengali may after all be genuinely reflective and expressive of Lock's own experience...

...but it is shuttered, and there's a certain kind of preciousness that is suffocating.

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this is the movement
this is what moves
these are the steps
the imprints that our fingers left.

this is the moment
the air resists
this is the body
all the language that we kept.

loop 4

Aug. 15th, 2011 03:27 am
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it's the interrupt

it's a dialogue of wrist to wrist
the skins wild semaphore
try to find ways in

through the interrupt

it's the brains own waveform

can i talk to you?
tell me what you do
give me the easy definition

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finally a version that plays! and remember folks -  life is better with a wind tunnel!
le génie dans la bouteille a soufflé la fumée dans vos yeux

update: found another fake me, this time on yahoo.
i know, because you told me, that some of you have google-searched me before -
tread carefully is all i can say - and accept no substitutes!!!
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and always she would sweep me
up up up in her wide arms
we can be bats in the belfry
she said
the empress and a knight of charms
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grand passion mystery genius song and dangerous dance grand passion mystery genius song and dangerous dance grand passion mystery genius song and dangerous dance  

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This has been hilariously parodied by the Smack The Pony crew on UK TV - but it's still genius...
and perfectly suits the wierd mish mash of music i'm listening to (Cat People soundtrack & a ton of french-canadian stuff). Anyway - i love it. 
Dance patterns - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
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(part one - there and then)

you and me babe

remembering the big back when, back then
and a thousand lives flickering from the rain wet windows
as we ran the length of the city
holding hard the hand of every rusting fire-escape
rolling down the cold iron in a tumbling kiss and away yeah... )
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this was languishing in my old blog - and i sort of like it, so here tis:

 River Dance

(see firefly episode 'safe')

She was the dark child dancing into light, She was 
the dancing River.

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