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This, uh, 'impressionistic', piece first came to life as an article in the early 1990s while Alien3 crawled round cinemas in the crappy version it still was back then.
I say crappy with the benefit of dvd comparison to the ‘Fincher version’ but my initial view of the movie was positive – despite glaring faults and obvious production interference.

This was definitely something of the minority view and so, after a few fierce arguments, the article was pretty much forgotten by all and sundry (i.e. me). However, after Alien IV came out I rediscovered and rewrote the thing to include some of its scenes and characters.

Then put it back to the mercy of cryo-sleep.
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The Perilous Miracle of Transformation

Like Crustaceans we depend upon... a shell of historic cities

and houses filled with things

belonging to definable portions of the past.

George Kubler, The Shape of Time; Remarks on the History of Things 1962

To bring this exploration of the Zone to a conclusion, I shall first briefly summarise the plot of novel and film and then explore some of the potential thematic elements of both.
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The brothers Strugatsky

The second section of the novel Roadside Picnic ends on something of a cliff hanger.
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The novel Roadside picnic  by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, begins with a sublime piece of misdirection, an interview with a scientist via Radio, and a classic piece of Russian humour - a swift bit of build up and knock down:

"I suppose that your first serious discovery, Dr Pilman, should be considered what is now called the Pilman Radiant?"
"I don't think so. The Pilman Radiant wasn't the wasn't the first, nor was it serious, nor was it really a discovery. And it wasn't completely mine, either."

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Re-reading the Lovecraft biography, Against the World, Against Life – by Michel Houellebecq and I was struck again by the Holmes reference. Houellebecq talks of the pressure put on Doyle to resurrect the Great Detective* after Holmes had become established as a popular myth, he talks primarily in regards to the UK which is a little unfortunate – for Holmes's mythic appeal caught on in the USA and Russia with equal force.
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more notes redrafted:

Livanov as Holmes in disguise       Oleg Dal sans costume sans disguise

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This is an example of some of the notes i have been making in regard to Holmes/Florizel etc. i don't know if they are of any interest. The specific notes on productions; e.g. actors, script, filming etc are being piled through now! And i'll see what is worth posting.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] For many years now I have had an interest in the life and influence of Amelia Earhart,
pilot and adventurer.
The facts of her life and the mystery of her 'death' are fairly well known.

And in the intangible space between the two - is Amelia herself.
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(for translation go: Alex Morse)

The Agra Treasure - Len-Film 1983

Pt 2: Becoming Sherlock Holmes - A Victorian Gentleman

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The X-Files : I Want to Believe

Report no. X.2/1 - Agent Croft Introductory remarks.

I want to believe.

A catch phrase found fading from a million rolled posters that hung from doors and walls throughout the 90s.
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A dialogue in progress.

Добро пожаловать всем посетителям.
Я надеюсь, что вы сочтете этот разговор интересным.

Искусство не имеет границ!

The Hound of the Baskervilles -
a Russian adaptation as seen from the West.

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The Agra Treasure - Len-Film 1982
Part One: Adapatation - Character - Setting and Narrative.
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Drifting Orbits – why I like Lisa Germano: Part One.


It feels strange to try and pin down an appreciation for someone whose music is so lightly winged, a moth under the moonlight, a silk scarf around the lamp – but here goes.

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heh heh - feeling kind of bullish.

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