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the element table

the echo stone

the orphic door

t.rex puns aside, the beautiful art work by deborah judd and .john coulthart speaks for itself.

as to the music... it may be starker than some of the other watch repair albums
but i hope patient listeners will find themselves rewarded.
i'm very pleased to see this archival set being granted a release.

studio to studio, tiny-wytch would like to thank aphasic ear and polishing the sun.
i think the mixing, sound design, treatment and production are some of their best work.

and of course for the ongoing support from friends, confidantes and muses,
ta muchly and the big CHEERS!

love on.

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and for any stray aethernauts passing through this part of the hinterweb...
tinywytch is happy to plug watch repair's The Polarities 2ND EDITION

the polarities 2nd edition

available to download and as a very shiny real world artefact (not to mention labour of love)
from here

and this version comes complete with the full treats, bells and whistles
in other words free stuff - a four track ep of new and previously unreleased material for starters!

this time around special thanks are due to: Debs, Reb Ex Libris, Aphasic Ear, John C. Dan B and Maud Ok.

love on.

plug on!

Sep. 5th, 2016 07:27 am
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and now - to start the week (yep, monday it is again)
tiny_wytch studio and associated luckies proudly plug
the new album by watch repair -

watch repair the polarities cd cover

(no idle title that)

available to download or as a nice shiny real world artefact.

(and if "eventual asplosive outbreak" sounds like a fart - well, let's hope it aint a wet one!)

seriously though, i'm very happy with it.
thus the traditional roll call and buttering of the following jammie dodgers
with a heartfelt ta muchly and the big CHEERS

the very special guests who played on this one (and their folks)

plus; michael
at ono, mark valentine (eternal gentleman), john coulthart (cover-meister extraordinaire), polished at the sun,
j and the crew, all at laurel end, paul gallagher, and the many others who keep us sailing on (i hope they know it).

temporal adventurers all -


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my cd

well, well, now
if i had a hammer
if i were a carpenter
or if i were king of the forest (a jungle v.i.p.)

i could it is true
get a message to you
without much fuss
and with little ado

but as i am now
just a grandfather clock
i'll sit with my ticks
and my irregular tock
dreaming of Hawaii
and some trouser rolled rock

rock on

*actually the starfish seems to be out to lunch, ach well.
thanks as ever to all the repair men
and to rebecca, JC and michael
and mark (always a gentleman)

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well, that's one idea of my blue heaven... for certain.

but john may already have the nail and the head by sneaking Victorialand into our gnomonic projection.

...or was that one already there?
call mary shelley - or slartibartfast!

either way; nice work as ever J.C.
and thank you Michael - ta muchly for the run so far.


(analysing the above text, while squinting, reveals the following profound piece of left-handed fontomancy and dental reportage... 
and i quote; 'Into the final furlong it's garamond by a hair lip behind both upper and lower case, three polar molars, some bridgework and a missing middle 8. Dentures recommended.')

Ltd to 100 - get 'em while they're hot - plug plug!
it's early days and some sites are still tweaking their posts.

(*peter cook voice*) As indeed am I. 
wytchcroft: nick drake (amp)
well strike me pink!

now, i'm not the two rogers or even the engineer but...
i'll buy that.

thanks john. nice art.

and thank you mark.
ever the gentleman.


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