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for Raven
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available by mail order now - oh yes!
and pay pal or thereabouts pending via one of the studios or...something. not my area (fortunately!).

the beautiful packaging is by John Coulthart and Deborah Judd.

listen here to hear...
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quick sketch mock-up for the photographer.


Jun. 8th, 2013 01:26 am
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58 minutes of music - come hell, high water, hilarity, deafness, scarlet fever, crazy neighbours and all round typically ridiculous adventures.

it's not everyday i get to play backwards sitar so it was worth it just for that (actually a million other reasons too).
thank you to my avatar (and our cover star) Ms T. (she's a Rhinestone Cowboy)

and that, pop-pickers, was just the beginning as it turns out...

NEXT; is it true? can it be that our dazed hero will spend the foreseeable trapped in the body of yet another musician?!?!?
can any good really come of all this?!?!

frankly; yes.
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told you i was poorly. back asap.
really not so big of a deal.
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locked in the studio... too much catnip and suddenly he's an ersatz 80s euro-gloom rocker meets giorgio moroder type.
*shakes head in worldy fashion* it's a typical tragic tale and places at the Fishery and the Catty Ford Clinic have been booked in advance.
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obsidian sid -sidney

seems to be settling in...
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yes - a very exciting drive to the edge of known reality...

in the studio )
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this just in -
orchid chomping Dr Freud goes wild again!
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you can take the mountain from the molehill
and in the world of things an unexpectedly defrosted freezer really is just small potatoes.
but small, green, pestilential potatoes - rather like socks.

ah the nights spent listening to the drip-drip-dripping, i almost miss it (no i don't actually thanks all the same) - talk about yer ambient music; i should've recorded it. But honestly, once free of the ice mine - i made like a grateful dwarf and went to bed. (at least my mind did).

in between which i have been having fun making fake book covers and blurbs for Piphill...
...which i might post a couple of, once i get the OK.
well, back to the day ho hey hi ho hi ho and whatever else dwarfs do in Disney-styled fairy tales...
"Make like the Anthill Mob, boys - and cheese it to Chug-a-boom!"

yeah, that's all.

oh oh - except wait - here you go:


this candid shot captures the difficulties faced by the tiny wytch-studios-was-it-again-i-forget.
as you can see, a diva-fit throwing actor is going on the rampage and scaryfying the be-whatsits out of a poor unpaid pine-costumed extra.
the Mallard (at no small fee) is not a duck.
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over-sharpened ruff pic draft. fun tho.
thanks to Letty for the random.
and thanks to sarah (& others) for dancing insp.
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. . .  Dear Jasmine;

Apologies for these minutes being so late but really, given some of the complexities facing the Lower Piphill Literary Society (see SCONES below), it’s hardly any wonder, is it? I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your remarks of the 27th; that in the absence of a stable chair we really don’t have a leg to stand on - and with our numbers having fallen off recently this is a situation in dire need of a remedy. Again I concur with you, you are quite right; StJohn is just the type of rugged charismatic individual a group such as ours looks for. I believe Lawrence (DH that is) to have been quite correct when he talked of some men being natural leaders.

Read more... )

more glass

Apr. 3rd, 2013 10:47 pm
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through the looking... )


Mar. 27th, 2013 10:12 am
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under the table )
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Oddly enough - and unexpectedly - i've nearly done scribbling a new quick fic;
a mock 1920's thing (so, yes, fresh from the pastichery but so it goes) that i owe in equal measures to (over-reading) Katherine Mansfield, the vintage bits and bobs in the shop and to my friend Sarah.

It's called 'Something Blue' and is about a station waiting room.
i hope to post it up here as soon i've finished the redraft.

It's supposed to be funny - but i can never tell about these things...


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