Dec. 14th, 2011 12:19 am
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when my dam broke
and my sisters reached down
and hauled you from the grimy waters
they held you up so that i might see you
sticky as soil and soft as skin
ready to burst yourself, almost;
a puffball.

outside the circle we placed you deep into the earth, deep in the dark dirt
i offered saliva to the forest, i offered my flesh and blood
and my sisters' songs
we placed you there between the trees
a good place for seeds

and impatiently now we will wait 
for you to grow. 

inspired by this
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be all ye roving minstrels merry met
and all my sisters meet again
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so it's Beltane and time for a catch up methinks. (Yes, Bean, fantastic text timing there m'dear)
so... it's Beltane and time to spread the love and, uh, spread the lurgy since i am in fact full of both.
Yes, thank you V. (love them sisters).

anyhoo, here are a few rambling and magic elements of stuff.
Oh, plus Nuns (for Rouka and Sidherian, you may want to skip to that bit further down).

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Love and thanks to Julie 0 without whom this piece... etc etc.
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as upon this night, this merry eve,
earth and heaven and all between
may easily be seen
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There lived a lady by the North Sea shore
(Lay the bent to the bonnie broom)
Two daughters were the babes she bore
(Fa la la la la la la la la la)

alternating with each of the lines below
As one grew bright as is the sun,
So coal black grew the elder one.
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so i'm going to turn Doctor of Locks
into a puppet show... and i'm wondering - does anyone know a good site for invented instruments?

i like the idea of music made from things lying around the house to fit the steampunk theme.

oh, and a big shout out to my aetheric sister puppetwych while i'm at it, big love to you pw!:))) 
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And we'll drink up the sun, and we'll drink down the moon
Let the neighbours say little or much
(old english trad.)

merry meet
merry part
merry meet again.

All the sisters singing from the circles edge
from the hedgerows to the hearth
from the rising of the sun
to the moon drunk down with the dark. 

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(part two - now and here)


! - waking the storm, waking the storm now 
who stole that hammer from the thunder giant's hands
ah! - yeah, slipping in between his sleeping fingers
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(part one - there and then)

you and me babe

remembering the big back when, back then
and a thousand lives flickering from the rain wet windows
as we ran the length of the city
holding hard the hand of every rusting fire-escape
rolling down the cold iron in a tumbling kiss and away yeah... )
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merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

for the veil is thin
as a black crows wing
and the bones so cross are a talking
as the nights draw in
gather friends now and sing
for tonight only spirits are walking

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Ok, so banging my head against the keys don't do it - never could get the hang of formatting,
i'll have to let the default setting do the paperwork for me  - and this will just have to be another temporary entry and an apology to any that have recieved my 'Malfunctioning Eddie' type messages.

but hey ho, i just can't grasp the codes - still, the funny comes when someone confuses typing with ...
and true enough someone asked me today,
"Why can't you SPELL???!"
Hey SonnyDjin, you listen well..

i remember the fire from her birth in the dark
i remember the earth where our feet left their mark
i remember the air when it was filled with colour
and i know that aether is the name of my mother
and water? Well, i kissed the foaming waves
and i spat them back

and i drew a circle of salt on the the green mossed rock
and planted three cups to watch over

and i remember when the moon went down
we were stood upon sacred ground
watching the angels circling round
all of my sisters
now lost to the road
know that even the hearts of stars explode
songs get forgotten, guitars corrode
and a man can be stuck forever
in the deep of a well

are you so sure now
that i cannot SPELL?

* * *
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It’s pretty. The road, all long and stretchey - we got the blue sky, little feathery clouds; sunset coming. Cute.
Yep. This is me – driving. Down Mexico way…
There’s a song in that doncha think?
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