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Ray Bradbury has left Earth.

So... look up to the heavens - for something special that way goes.

Here is a post i found helpful
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Tell her she's here in my thoughts
where sleep has no border
tell her that under the tent flap, the doctor
is always played by Alan Alda
that Philip K. Dick sees a ray of light
that radio is beautiful especially at night
that the Earth below, you know, really is just flat
and there's always a chance - just ask Schroedinger's cat
and love is eternal as light
and that's that.

1 for the 9

Dec. 9th, 2009 09:35 pm
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John Lennon - I sat Belonely:

I sat belonely down a tree, humbled fat and small.
A little lady sing to me I couldn't see at all.

I'm looking up and at the sky,
to find such wondrous voice.
Puzzle puzzle, wonder why, I hear but have no choice.

'Speak up, come forth, you ravel me', I potty menthol shout.
'I know you hiddy by this tree'. But still she won't come out.

Such softly singing lulled me sleep, an hour or two or so
I wakeny slow and took a peep and still no lady show.

Then suddy on a little twig I thought I see a sight,
A tiny little tiny pig, that sing with all it's might.

'I thought you were a lady'. I giggle, - well I may,
To my surprise the lady, got up - and flew away.

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JG Ballard,  was a particularly English God of small things; an irony, considering his international and somewhat epic background, in the Far East during WW2. An irony not lost on him of course.
So perhaps he would have appreciated the somewhat humble nature of one of my personal 'Ballardian’ moments, whilst most likely wincing at the way in which I blew it.

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JG Ballard has died. It is difficult to describe the influence that he and his writings have had on me over the years.

I shall write something, hopefully, in more detail at some later time. Suffice to say that I consider him a visionary writer of the highest order - and of his works Concrete Island, High Rise and The Atrocity Exhibition are perhaps my favourites... but the real list would be long indeed.
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they say,
means victory
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Patrick McGoohan has left The Village.


one of my all time heroes.
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Axe-man frolics in the fun house in the sky.

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listen to the man

he brought me a lot of listening pleasure over the years...

ever steady
alton ellis
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Paul Newman has left the movie house for good. Tributes will follow.

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