Jan. 17th, 2013 08:58 am
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if i could wake
with you in wonder
if we could share
the winter bright stars
heartbeating lazy hibernating
if i could sleep in the heat
of your arms

i don't know what we're doing or why
we came to this white cell of a room
waiting in a place so freezing
while the light glares unfriendly
on us both

i reach for the tips of your fingers
they're already turning blue
you know you sulk when you get as cold as this
and i'm falling for you
like snow.

i'm falling for you like snow.
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here at the wheezepoint
everything gasps
freezing the ghosts
as they hurry past
trapping them like butterflies
under the glass

and time hangs

by its own broken chords

at the wheezepoint
making breath out of steam
filling up lungs
with ice cream.


came out of nowhere and sounds more like lisa germano to me -
so it's probably stolen and possibly temporary!
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(this was an ad-libbed associative mash up nonsense thing and strictly for fun
following the same sci-fi disco formula as the previous entry)

realtime dreaming
leave it 
leave it be 
time dreaming
how very kind
an invitation
tea for two
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the notion being - the next gen; one card does all.

(in a Roisin Murphy style? um...)

card it:

dainty aint she
style marketing
help you create
go create
help to create
go create
aint she
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looking for my sister
all on the maiden way
glass under starlight
ice across the bay

silver roses
worn around her wrist
silver roses
hard to resist

singing songs
to catch many a fisherman by his line
merry she was
below the waves
and in the brine

looking for my sister
upon the moonlit stair
the wild, wild ocean
the waving of her hair

singing songs
to catch many a fisherman by his line
all the songs
the songs that saved my life

silver roses
floating on the Sea
silver roses
for my sister and me.

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Just like the waves:

we walk the woods
we track the roads
we dash our footprints into stone
dancing like the sunlight
shines for us alone

and we gaze away
in the tender moment
a hopeless sort of magic
so tragic and

bring it on oh bring it on
bring it on down
on us

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posted from dreamwidth
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je suis le locataire

et pièce à la pièce 
il est "déjà vu"
regardez juste les fissures là où l'aube traverse
un bleu  
le fantôme dans moi
le fantôme de vous
pièce à la pièce
regardez directement à travers
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Let it Rip

Jan. 5th, 2010 04:44 am
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Let it Rip

here come the associations
here come the union and welcome back
she was a beautiful model
she was so mathematical
she was the disease that we contracted
bit down to ask that friend
what were you helping to defend?

scratchy little needle
stabbed with a pencil
a scattered note
clutching at a bloody coat
and that's all she wrote
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Dec. 1st, 2009 01:44 am
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and she says,
as the rain hits the hospital steps
"this is as far as anyone gets"

i'm smuggling in blood oranges and cigarettes
for Madeleine
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Nov. 29th, 2009 01:31 am
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Two re-worked folk songs on a theme:

The Handsome Kitchen Boy:

It's of a married Lady as you must understand
She slipped from court to follow
Her true love through the land

She dressed herself in peasant rags
Or so it does appear
To work as a squire and kitchen boy
And serve well for a year

With fingers pale and delicate
And hair all in a curl
The others often smiled and said
"He looks just like a girl!"

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hu-me - ?

Nov. 26th, 2009 02:17 am
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she brushes back her sleeves with a doctor's ease
clasping the documents to her knees
she's moving in rhythm
to the swing of the train
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this piece has been frustrating me for aeons as a bit of 'arrows and stars' that fell off and just... lay there.

tonight chalissa inspired the fix and now it's done and here it is.
the last four lines are a quote from an old hymn.
thanks chalissa la muse amuse l'amore :))

The Turning Circle:

dance for me love
he says
in a turning circle

and i'll dance for none but myself
says she

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arrows and stars (in progress)

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This was initially at Aliasse's request after some words i used in conversation regarding the previous fragment, action men and my childhood; "Now you have to write a poem called 'jumble action' FOR SURE:) (And use the words 'squidgy head' in it.)"

i've tightened it up a little and i hope it's worth a read now i've turned it into a song

jumble action, jumble action
well that was the 70s;
fractured scenes inside the churchyard
and the circle of trees
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glam on!

Jun. 16th, 2009 07:03 am
wytchcroft: heavent sent (nick drake)

gimme that old glam
space trash
ziggy with a face flash
checking out the artefacts
rock n roll zone
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