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so it's Beltane and time for a catch up methinks. (Yes, Bean, fantastic text timing there m'dear)
so... it's Beltane and time to spread the love and, uh, spread the lurgy since i am in fact full of both.
Yes, thank you V. (love them sisters).

anyhoo, here are a few rambling and magic elements of stuff.
Oh, plus Nuns (for Rouka and Sidherian, you may want to skip to that bit further down).

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Love and thanks to Julie 0 without whom this piece... etc etc.
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Do you keep tabs on ex-boyfriends and -girlfriends over social networking sites? Do you think it's emotionally healthy or dangerous? Amusing or painful?

Sometimes i wonder where these psychotic questions come from.

But i guess that everybody has that chord and waits for it to get played.

There is no gone. There is no forgotten. There is no lost.
But all the same... 
From the silver in your belly to the water on my brain
memory is the whistle on the mystery train
so let's ride. Akiko-chan. One for you. And one = ALL.
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Well, the night you was born

Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red

The night you was born

I swear the moon turned a fire red

Many a poor mother cried out lord, the gypsy was right!

That gypsy woman that told your Pa

Gonna be mystic, gonna go far.

Got born east of Main Street under a shooting star

You could steal Groucho Marx’s cigar

And smile

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Jul. 15th, 2009 06:00 am
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ah oui!

Du film "Je Vous Aime"
Serge Gainsbourg & Cathérine Deneuve (France)
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so i'm going to turn Doctor of Locks
into a puppet show... and i'm wondering - does anyone know a good site for invented instruments?

i like the idea of music made from things lying around the house to fit the steampunk theme.

oh, and a big shout out to my aetheric sister puppetwych while i'm at it, big love to you pw!:))) 
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wild lovers once we ran these walls
and later learned to face the dawn
in empty car parks, nameless places,
deliriously blurring the dates and faces
that's how it works

when you're drunk on love

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ok so, anger needs its balance and that would be love i guess (in short-hand terms) -
well, some people have been talking about marriage / relationships (and such) of late and by synchronous chance today i found an old, old song of mine (just a little thing) about the push and the pull of it all...
from back when that was the deal - and in a sense it's still true.

So, this is to weigh against my last post - and also goes out to regina and violet (who won't know) and to the one i wrote it for back then.
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for every little boy and girl living in this crazy world
seems like all we really are doing
is looking for... 
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old soul old soul so young and pan dimensional
panegyric pan of action encircled by threads from sails
sailing that old wooden ship with a cruciform mast
lit out for the southern cross
old sister sister sweetly sing
sister of mine old mother friend and bastard child
a soft cat sits content behind its window a wild
street cat brawls in the tumble and decay
each brittle moment hangs like spittle from the horses mouth
and that's you sweetly singing
get the news kids straight from the horses mouth
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i stole a kiss, you stole my heart 
i guess that's just the way things start
the push and pull, the me and you
we learnt the math of 1 and 2

i stole a glance, you stole some time
bonnie and clyde never did such crime
but who pays the price? whose conscience shakes?
we're equal guilty for our mistakes

And love can bloom again you say!
but i have to wash my hair today...
So half forgotten, all's forgiven
even the nonsense to which you're driven

turning feelings into, (koff!), 'song'
some vague attempt to write the wrong
here, i'll give back all the goods we stole
with tongue in cheek and eyes that roll...

(yes it's very good for my mental health
to sometimes parody myself.)

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unclench the eyes and softly open
what is seen is also shown
given and received

love allowed is love allowed
and love allowed is
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And so it is - as the night drifts 
into the morning's blue arrival -
that i see you where you are not
that i hear your voice, the warm laugh 
full of knowldege and doubt
stubbornly resisting the strangeness of life
the way it plays out in a distracted instant
between the blink of your eyes
an idle twisting of your hair
and the beauty of your quaker's hands
with their nervous semaphore 
they would wave away a poem like this
and so it is.
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(part two - now and here)


! - waking the storm, waking the storm now 
who stole that hammer from the thunder giant's hands
ah! - yeah, slipping in between his sleeping fingers
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(part one - there and then)

you and me babe

remembering the big back when, back then
and a thousand lives flickering from the rain wet windows
as we ran the length of the city
holding hard the hand of every rusting fire-escape
rolling down the cold iron in a tumbling kiss and away yeah... )
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and the olive saltiness of your kiss has been never lost across the years,
that rich and savoury taste still flavouring my memory -
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Sometimes the greatest gift you can give... is to give up giving.

But getting that down in a fic... it aint no easy thing...
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Ok, so banging my head against the keys don't do it - never could get the hang of formatting,
i'll have to let the default setting do the paperwork for me  - and this will just have to be another temporary entry and an apology to any that have recieved my 'Malfunctioning Eddie' type messages.

but hey ho, i just can't grasp the codes - still, the funny comes when someone confuses typing with ...
and true enough someone asked me today,
"Why can't you SPELL???!"
Hey SonnyDjin, you listen well..

i remember the fire from her birth in the dark
i remember the earth where our feet left their mark
i remember the air when it was filled with colour
and i know that aether is the name of my mother
and water? Well, i kissed the foaming waves
and i spat them back

and i drew a circle of salt on the the green mossed rock
and planted three cups to watch over

and i remember when the moon went down
we were stood upon sacred ground
watching the angels circling round
all of my sisters
now lost to the road
know that even the hearts of stars explode
songs get forgotten, guitars corrode
and a man can be stuck forever
in the deep of a well

are you so sure now
that i cannot SPELL?

* * *
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It’s pretty. The road, all long and stretchey - we got the blue sky, little feathery clouds; sunset coming. Cute.
Yep. This is me – driving. Down Mexico way…
There’s a song in that doncha think?
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