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Since the world and his be my wife woke up to the Bowie new album happy joy news oh boy...
i thought i would celebrate with a song that is definitely a fave rave and deep and meaningful and what not.
Conversation Piece from the 'lost' album Toy and featuring Lisa Germano.
Much better than the version the Thin One cut back in the 1960s (or so). It's lovely.
And here tis:

all credit to the uploader etc.

i am crazy with the hectics just now and will do a proper catch up asap.
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Lisa Germano's next album 'No Elephants' (apparently!) is done and due feb 12th 2013 c/o Badman records
there's a preview here and a full article here and info on her website...

all of which makes me very, very happy.
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listening to Lisa Germano recently has made a million songs of hers bubble again in my brain-pan...
this is one of 'em... and it's lush.Read more... )
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and that was thunder i think clouds rumbling above the water tower as we sang 
sang broke toy to the bluebirds two beautiful blue birds twitching on the scuffed earth the curb still holding the iron print, that skid, you on a bike when that guy was - you thought he was following you home ("can i keep him?").

but the sun shatters the thin glass and it's a beautiful day
all over again
here in the dull expanse the swedish flat-lands no-lands the lowlands some call home
can i keep -
singing to the birds as we dance like cats among them scattering wings and beaks and claws and all for the dance
that's magic

you sing me stunned "it could be very simple" summing up the thoughts i've been having, carrying them around like stones in my pocket and we're running down the dark culvert aaaah to the frozen edge of the lake and we skim those stones and they don't
break the glass
the frozen glass with all the underneath, all them colourful fish beneath - raging and hissing but they don't
break the glass
and it's a beautiful day
it's really a beautiful day

two children singing and laughing and waving and clapping
by the edges of a lake, cold water, wishing well
two magic neighbors
wish them
we should wish them well
get well
be well
some beautiful day. 

lisa germano's album is wonderful.
"He must be God he can turn cats into pieces of furniture."
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Kristin Hersh

Lisa Germano

Complete Lisa Lyrics can be found here (along with a slightly surreal bio).

She is a very underrated lyricist.

In The Maybe World:

After winter

Comes another storm
It’s a shiver
It’s a freaking out
Could be real time
Could be wonderful
It’s the future in the maybe world
Let the bird fly
Let it out of here
They just brought it
As an offering
It’s the color of remembering
And the weirdness of forgetting
In the shiver in the freaking out
See the live ones see ‘em taking off
It’s the color of happy endings
In another world beginning
In the could time
In the maybe world
I was thinking i might like it there
In the future i was wondering
How many birds you’re gonna bring me?

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Drifting Orbits – why I like Lisa Germano: Part One.


It feels strange to try and pin down an appreciation for someone whose music is so lightly winged, a moth under the moonlight, a silk scarf around the lamp – but here goes.

a long and winding road to the stars... )
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Sundry Shiny FireFly Links: 
Read More... )

watch it while you can!!!


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