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Honestly though, it’s flattering; no/one ever wants to hear my side of the story and there’s always another side isn’t there? Somewhere, if you look hard enough. That’s the trouble with the world nowadays, nobody takes the trouble to really look at things, I mean, properly look. “There’s always a chance”, he used to say,”if you just bloody well look for it.” ‘Course funny that what with his eyes being so bad.
“Oh I don’t need ‘em,” he’d be going on, “you’ve got a pair lovely enough for the both of us!”
The old charmer, he’d be giving out the flannel, “Irish eyes are smiling” or whatever you like.
Like I said, a real charmer – when he wanted to be - but then that’s the family for you, all of them charming, when they want to be, and blind. And liars.

The Lennons are all liars.

Really, do I? Well, I got a right haven’t I? And I mean, who am I now? No/one – nowhere bloody woman, ha ha. You know though… I was remembering, it’s been stuck in my noggin’ like a bloody radio ‘Things We Said Today’ that’s one, right? Funny that.

What? Paul’s, Paul’s is it? Paul Mc- You don’t get it do you? Back then, there weren’t no bloody McCartney, there weren’t no – they was all Beatles, get me, Beatles the lot of them, right? Beatle John, Beatle George – I ought to know, I mean I only went and married one didn’t I? Beatle Fred.

Whattya mean he wasn’t a – you cheeky git, how dare you?! Saying a thing like that after all I – Look, it’s my story right? I’m giving you my side, In My bloody Life, Mister, alright? Know how it was do you? I’ll tell you, it was the same as right here, right now and you with your judgemental face on, ‘Who does she think she is, look at her – marrying a fella like him – just to marry a Beatle – marry the money more like!’ all of that, all the time.

And as for the family, Christ I – wait, sorry, no that IS his fault actually because I never used to swear.

Oh right, yeah, John, right - oh that – the… look, I’ll tell you; ‘like Dracula’ I read that somewhere, anyway, yeah he comes in, sweeps in, all angry and long haired and those black clothes, vampire, the whole bit, Son of bloody Dracula. Ha, ha, ha! But like a fairytale too, really I mean, the sort of, oh – the prince to the tower, Childe Roland, that one. He was big on Browning was John. What, you didn’t know that? You didn’t know about that Dracula film either, did you, and I was nearly in that! AND Freddie – till John threw another moody. Anyway, like a fairytale, like a prince, and that’s a secret between you and me and the four walls, it’s always been a sort of fantasy for me, always was. John bloody well knew it too.

Typical bastard Lennon, ha, ha, ha!


wytchcroft: lennon is smoking (j.o.l.)
Yes as the countdown to December tells us - it's Lennon time again and know better than to open up an early stocking and hasten to a hot cd player, i-spod, mp? player, whatever*. Anyway i got this one from Doris. a very TIDY house creeper.

The above mentioned early stocking (which is itself available on a ltd release for guests spots, walk ons and product placemats - or you can download it here brothers and sisters in the comments section) gives good blessing and bestows forth the annual Lennon trove of undusted rusted delights. Now THIS, (if anyone remembers my many and HEATED letters to the Opple office and my postings to Santa at the Absolute-Elfwear web site you will understand my glee,) THIS i have been waiting on you all for quite some time in KFC.. (cute with the puns as ever i see - Ed. i see Ed too - Ted)

Finally what we have here is the whole story glimpsed but briefly in last year's 'Lennon Defuddled' selection. And it's a JOY. Not only do we have the (perhaps overly) familiar "I was lost, unwashed and wasted on the weekend i spent away from a little country called home and middle aged to boot but now i'm remixed and i feel alright, yeah yeah" but we get the full panoply of takes and mixes, allowing us to better understand the process involved in putting together the official release (and the expensive use of two resurrected ex-Beatles) as well as gaining a truly myth busting insight into the mind and time of that most mercurial of talents, John Lennon - who nearly recorded the song.

At the fantastic value price of one small family, i think every home would be happier this yule with the merry halls a-hopping to this exquisite collection and its miraculous hidden track (and personal favourite) Nth Dream.

Here's to Xmas - and a big cheers to all of you!

last years paltry selection versus this years heavy hitter - a striking 2 syllable gain

Laugh? I nearly looked up Lennon on Amazon.

*this of course does make ALL the difference and indeed the box is designed for maximum impact in quadmoronic death defying almost stereo which is best listened to with the balance adjusted and with a home system such as EARS.
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How many films about the Beatles does the world need?

The band split 40 years ago and Lennon himself died 20 years back and yet, what with Paul McCartney's touring theme-park of concerts, the never ending repackaging of material (Let it Be Naked, Love, One ad infinitum) and the steady flow of dramas and documentaries, it's as if they never went away.

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1 for the 9

Dec. 9th, 2009 09:35 pm
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John Lennon - I sat Belonely:

I sat belonely down a tree, humbled fat and small.
A little lady sing to me I couldn't see at all.

I'm looking up and at the sky,
to find such wondrous voice.
Puzzle puzzle, wonder why, I hear but have no choice.

'Speak up, come forth, you ravel me', I potty menthol shout.
'I know you hiddy by this tree'. But still she won't come out.

Such softly singing lulled me sleep, an hour or two or so
I wakeny slow and took a peep and still no lady show.

Then suddy on a little twig I thought I see a sight,
A tiny little tiny pig, that sing with all it's might.

'I thought you were a lady'. I giggle, - well I may,
To my surprise the lady, got up - and flew away.

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the beatles were a prism (the beatles were a prison)

through which a decade of time, life and culture and all the attendant people (where do they all come from?), were refracted; light turned into music from black and white to any colour you like, roll up roll up.

the beatles were a prism through which john lennon could look at the pieces of himself and watch them in play - the first person to self create the movie of the beatles was john.

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"What so Sid Vicious died - for what?
So we could ROCK? Bullshit, it's bullshit."
John Lennon 1980.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] so i asked john lennon and he said:
I don't like all this dribbling pop-opera-jazz.

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Not on this Trip

How does it feel to have love?
(Everybody wants to know if I've given enough...)
How can you tell if the letters you spell
Are coming from the heavens above?

Not on this Trip anybody
Not on this Trip anyone

Do you remember the good times? (what's it to you?)
Do you remember the bad times ?  (come on and ask me something new!)
Do you recall anything at all
Do you still dream
Of being in the Beatles?

Not on this Trip anybody
Not on ths Trip anyhow

What are you doing in my kitchen?
Let's cook something up right now!
We could make the papers in the morning...
Very Alice in Wonderland - wow.

Not on this Trip anybody
Not on this Trip anyhow.

(i sat belonely by a tree humbled by remote control*.)


*John-Bot ad-libbed that himself!
the lyrics are 70/30 to johnbot.


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