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some nights the stars
seem made of felt
or velcro
you can
touch them
they can
snag your hair.



Jan. 17th, 2013 08:58 am
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if i could wake
with you in wonder
if we could share
the winter bright stars
heartbeating lazy hibernating
if i could sleep in the heat
of your arms

i don't know what we're doing or why
we came to this white cell of a room
waiting in a place so freezing
while the light glares unfriendly
on us both

i reach for the tips of your fingers
they're already turning blue
you know you sulk when you get as cold as this
and i'm falling for you
like snow.

i'm falling for you like snow.
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His Catholic guilt.
All that Buddhist bubblegum.
Forget about it.

wytchcroft: nick drake (amp)
strains my eyes
hurts my ears
- stop that!
name calling
drunken fool
dreaming some vast besotted sodden ego
cryptic kicks tapping their rhythm
a French tango
only the French don't tango
yodelling hoarse voiced
horse shit
full of wine
feels fine
soaked in brine
in photo-chemical
black & white
like City Lights

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wytchcroft: heavent sent (infinite)
this was my first response to the prompt quoted below;
a much more, uh, elaborate (?) reaction is currently gestating.
this is a place holder, in effect.

a scanner partly:

To be or not to be
Some freak anomaly
A ghost rattling chains of electricity
Behind a cloud of plasma energy
The hole in the heart, the absence of a centre
The hollow core hiding
In a magnetic field.


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wytchcroft: nick drake (amp)

here at the wheezepoint
everything gasps
freezing the ghosts
as they hurry past
trapping them like butterflies
under the glass

and time hangs

by its own broken chords

at the wheezepoint
making breath out of steam
filling up lungs
with ice cream.


came out of nowhere and sounds more like lisa germano to me -
so it's probably stolen and possibly temporary!
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i thought i saw - i must have dreamed
the king of the island
lagoon reflected
etched into the coral
the old king's face
long green beard of seaweed
and a smile as rusty as old doubloons
no, i don't think he looked like you
i don't think he looked like anything much
but what he was
the king of the island.
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split in two
doing cartwheels

sundial legs
long shadows
sharp edges

i am a compass
bisecting islands
white sands and atolls.
wytchcroft: heavent sent (aleen)

today i was decorating you with leaves
and you pulled monkey faces
grinning as i forced fruit skins and useless maps
between the gap of your laughing jaw bone

today i broke a heel
slavering butter on the sun

today i strolled long legged and shoeless
into history.


Nov. 25th, 2012 03:47 am
wytchcroft: heavent sent (infinite)
what is this place, this place so
sketchy, so uneasily defined
could be a cellar or a kitchen maybe
or at least a home
to hang the hearts in
a workshop
for strange inspections
investigating our every gesture and expression
the body with its donkey skin
has alien engines
and tiny motors
what is the purpose of this?
to make us

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and in the darkest hours
the rural quiet
smothers with volume

with weight

into loudness

don't reach for that plate
don't turn that tap
don't open the packet
of biscuits

and all the people living here
that moved in
from the city
it's astonishing

throw wide their windows washing up at 2 AM

i am not one of them
i am not one of them
i am

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wytchcroft: Knife album detail distortion by me (bird man)
and yes
it's true that they held him
and nailed down the lid
of the chest

whispering to him
and singing
ghosts come to rest

it's a skeletal tale
with feathers
it's a present for your own birthday

open up the lid and watch him
fly away

wytchcroft: detail (elflands)
In the evening, watching
As the lanterns were lit
Astonished as they took to the air
Fiery in the sky and
Rising so far up it seemed impossible
But for the oohs and aahs of children standing in the field.

“Wow!” i said.

“Those lanterns” you said, “we call them cow chokers.
They are
Really bad.”

And the night and the dark felt better then.

I thought about a girl i know.
One of her eyes is artificially closed.
I really like her.

wytchcroft: Knife album detail distortion by me (bird man)
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card 2

Nov. 1st, 2012 07:55 am
wytchcroft: Knife album detail distortion by me (bird man)
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Nov. 1st, 2012 03:47 am
wytchcroft: Knife album detail distortion by me (bird man)
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wytchcroft: heavent sent (eye has)
(this was an ad-libbed associative mash up nonsense thing and strictly for fun
following the same sci-fi disco formula as the previous entry)

realtime dreaming
leave it 
leave it be 
time dreaming
how very kind
an invitation
tea for two
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wytchcroft: heavent sent (infinite)
the notion being - the next gen; one card does all.

(in a Roisin Murphy style? um...)

card it:

dainty aint she
style marketing
help you create
go create
help to create
go create
aint she
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wytchcroft: Knife album detail distortion by me (bird man)

There she lies among the reeds
jewel bright bone and silver beads
like oil, like resin
like the ghost of a game
lost with a childhood
drowned with her name.

accidentally self prompted via torn world.

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welcome to Heaven

please remember to follow all instructions
not everything is signposted

and we don't let just anyone in through the gates

there will be refreshments served as this is something of a long tour
those wishing to ignore the sound of harps and hosannas may do so by flipping the channel on the headphones provided
those wishing to smoke may do so below.
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