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This is the new Blue Sun Travel poster!
Shiny aint it?
But for now, apparently, only a limited number have been made and they're at comicon...

me wantssss it preciousss, me wants it!
cannot - wait - till - fall... aaagh....
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just a reminder fellow firefly fans - vote for the NASA node to be called Serenity! 
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"You ever watch movies?" A man turns his face up into the light, tilts his welding goggles, I can see sweat on his cheeks shiny as mine.


"Yeah like, old ones - from before."
He must be catching a breath, I don't like the angle of that torch. Thing might be turned off now - but you sway that baby against your skin and the nozzle will eat right through you. 

"I thought they were joking."

Man blinks. "Huh?"
"The guys - they said you had a thing; old stuff, junk and whatever, from the Earth-that-was."


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"Come child, you're supposed to walk in the dress - not through it!"
The tutor  waved a hand.
"It is supposed to flow around you - like music, neh?"
Not the best analogy, thought Nandi, her face creasing to match the fabric.
She shifted her body awkwardly inside the material. It's not just the dress that doesn't fit.
Some girls maybe, some girls they could... like music. Some girls, she thought, like Inara

sound plausible?
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It was tense - down to a tie breaker - with, as it turns out, BSG! Spooky!
Now I would have been a mite ruffled if they hadn't recognised the colour of my coat, but all's shiny now :D
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Guide to my firefly fan fiction

Notes on a fic timeline - narrative and context 
(note - this guide is spoiler heavy and also treats as 'fact' many things merely hinted at or suggested in my fics)
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Here is the main link to my Firefly Fics - if anyone is interested in reading them.
I don't think they are very good - but they suck less than some of what I've posted here... 
and if you are a fan of Firefly/Serenity (if not - go, watch - buy DVDS at ONCE!)
then you might find the IDEAS to be worth exploring. 
Which is why I posted the fic guide above.  


I may copy and shift them at some point but it would be a long job.
(My Blog at Fireflyfans.net contains the two stories A Day at the Races and The Cristmas Run and a lot of deleted scenes, extra bits and thoughts on the show.)
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sorry for the delay - lost the net for 24hrs again.

Independently Blue:

this fic is inspired by characters and situations created by joss whedon, tim minear and brett matthews, i have no claim or copyright on this material. PG-13 - final partconclusion )
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Independently Blue:

this fic is inspired by characters and situations created by joss whedon, tim minear
and brett matthews, i have no claim or copyright on this material.
PG-13 - part two.

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Independently Blue:

this fic is inspired by characters and situations created by joss whedon, tim minear and brett matthews, i have no claim or copyright on this material.
PG-13 - part one.
this story is set quite some time after Serenity the movie but flashes back to episodes from the firefly series.

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Now you mighta spooked Jayne, but he's of a nervous kind of disposition when it comes to cattle...
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this was languishing in my old blog - and i sort of like it, so here tis:

 River Dance

(see firefly episode 'safe')

She was the dark child dancing into light, She was 
the dancing River.

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malcolm reynolds and yo/saf/bridge

(image c/o gilliebeans)

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In the past they promised us jetpacks for the future. We’re still waiting. What is your ideal mode of transportation? Has it been invented yet?

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Transport. The sun was setting now low over the broken metallic teeth of a dozen wrecked vehicles, pieces of machinery - motors, wings, doors, wheels and the what-nots, all piled up into a crude semi-circular wall, with many more strewn across the sandy space of the yard itself.
Not an easy place to walk straight across - from the gate to the crumpled looking shack of an office. Not without tripping over something.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] For many years now I have had an interest in the life and influence of Amelia Earhart,
pilot and adventurer.
The facts of her life and the mystery of her 'death' are fairly well known.

And in the intangible space between the two - is Amelia herself.
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Shepherd Solomon Face had been on Serenity for some time now, seen more than a few strange things; shady things, shiny things and just plain THINGS...
The last came mostly c/o Jayne and, like the man himself, were best left unclassified.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] "It's funny," said Durran Haymer sounding sad, "I'd forgotten there were beaches."
The wreckage of the container drone was sat on a neat square of white plastic, and he surveyed it with a melancholy air. "Some things rust quickly don't they.."
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Objects in Space. Funny how many things in life come down to that.
Given the chance Inara Serra might have reflected ruefully on the truth of it.
But time was a luxury she was frequently forced to for-go, and so this is the story of a bar stool, a head -
and if not star-crossed love... then certainly crossed eyes seeing stars.

Anyhow the story goes something like this.

Woman walks into a bar -

No wait, I'll back it up some.
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One ship

nine people

become family.

On the ragged edge

working just to stay alive

each day heroic.


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