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my friend paul recently sent a video clip and, separately, some live music from himself and cellist sarah mcwhinney.

out of such eggs are strange birds hatched.

see for yourself - here is the video (which i like very much)..
cinematography by hannah logan


and here is the full track constructed from part of their improv;
into crow

very different atmospheres... i hope folks will find something in both.

thanks paul!

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very definite week of music here at tiny wytch and sundry related stellar bodies
(not sure that my body is all that stellar but, ahem, moving on)

first of all; happy birthday to my beloved jinx montague!!!

and a big hello to my long suffering muse/family up here.
you know who you are.

and as we ease (or stagger) towards the weekend, here (by way of the side door)
is a restful new film loop (c/o paul gallagher)
for lone arrivals latest tuning
and serving as aperitif* of sorts to the main meal of a new watch repair album
of which more later...

i hope folks find this to their liking.
love on.

thanks paul, nice one!

full version.

*dental jokes we covered already

wytchcroft: detail (elflands)
paul gallagher presents

thanks to polished at the sun for some sonic radionics

and more

water, light, shadow, loops...
thanks paul!.
see also; the album

wytchcroft: nick drake (amp)

nice work there

music - desert ryder by lone arrivals with paul gallagher

wytchcroft: Knife album detail distortion by me (bird man)
click the pic for wiki info

oh YES! it's a way to go but damn it must happen! light speed and warp drive,
a clear motorway and a prevailing wind and i should just make it - hopes!

*crosses fingers*
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contains mild spoilers for the film and for the tv show dollhouse

Demons of the mind

This is the last part of a brief exploration of three films starring Paul Jones, ex-vocalist of the pop group Manfred Mann.

The film is a period set horror exploring the minds and lives of the troubled Zorn family ruled tyrannically by Robert Hardy whose terror of a supposed inherited madness leads him to imprison and mistreat the children he believes may be in its thrall. 

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The second of the three films starring Paul Jones is as equally obscure and, in its way, just as disturbing as his debut feature Privilege. It is a comparatively minor key role but, for my money, a superior piece of acting. With the music performed by Pink Floyd and Arthur Brown, Jones is free to focus on delivering a fully rounded character role – and one with plenty to say.

ever smiling - Everyman Read more... )

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The World that Jones Made: 

Part one:

In the early 1960s Paul Jones was the singer with Manfred Mann singing on hits such as – 54321, Pretty Flamingo etc. Quitting the band in 1966 Jones conducted a brief foray into films before settling into a comfortable seeming groove with his own Blues Band, radio spots and reborn Christianity (of which more later).

As an actor he comes across as a little pallid and unassuming – but believable enough in the roles he took, roles that conversely were in at least three very difficult ‘outside’ productions. Obscure for many years, these films are finally available on official DVD releases. Films such as The Committee, with its Pink Floyd soundtrack and maverick cameo by Arthur Brown and a script by a professor from the London School of Economics  (then a ‘revolutionary’ hotbed and the very antithesis of what it is today).

The director of that film was a young buck called Peter Sykes and he cast Jones again in his film Demons of the Mind, a late Hammer horror film of unusual thematic complexity (written by the late Christopher Wicking) and visual assurance.

Jones made his debut in 1967 with Privilege ostensibly a typical rise and fall of the pop star saga but actually a strange, controversial and prophetic narrative from Peter Watkins whose previous film The War Game, (now critically feted of course) had been banned by the perennially gutless BBC.  In fact the film that Privilege most closely resembles is one upon which it was clearly a major influence, Alan Parker’s Pink Floyd movie The Wall.
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How many films about the Beatles does the world need?

The band split 40 years ago and Lennon himself died 20 years back and yet, what with Paul McCartney's touring theme-park of concerts, the never ending repackaging of material (Let it Be Naked, Love, One ad infinitum) and the steady flow of dramas and documentaries, it's as if they never went away.

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and compare with Bergman.


Nov. 16th, 2009 04:11 pm
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This is a very beautiful poem by Mary Webb author of the novel Gone to Earth .

Gone to Earth was later filmed by The Archers (Powell and Pressburger) and starred Jennifer Jones - one of my favourite films.

i've been getting a lot of inspiration from the work of the Archers again lately.

Love me--and I will give into your hands
The rare, enamelled jewels of my lands,
Flowers red and blue,
Tender with air and dew.

From far green armouries of pools and meres
I'll reach for you my lucent sheaves of spears--
The singing falls,
Where the lone ousel calls.

When, like a passing light upon the sea,
Your wood-bird soul shall clap her wings and flee,
She shall but nest
More closely in my breast.


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