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through time zones... space zones... chromazones...  

*** h*a*p*p*y b*i*r*t*h*d*a*y j*i*n*x*!  ***

image absolutely stolen from here.
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happy birthday stosha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:)) ;))) :)))))
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Poet, Man about Town, Football fanatic, Critic, Theatre devotee - and fond owner of a certain very large hound!
Allow me to wish you sir, a very Happy Birthday mr_stapleton!

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knight to queen's pick-up phwoar

happy birthday Betsy!!

Lover of wild and sensitive robots
poet of dancing planets and space

the space between the Earth and the Heavens
between us all, individual
or recalculated 1 + 1 = a mess of quantum possibilities!
the space between a man and a woman
a human and a monkey
a monkey and a robot
a smile and a heartbreak

each poem sheer joyous rueful wounded music
with a brain of steel.

rock on Betsy - here's to ya! :))

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the beatles were a prism (the beatles were a prison)

through which a decade of time, life and culture and all the attendant people (where do they all come from?), were refracted; light turned into music from black and white to any colour you like, roll up roll up.

the beatles were a prism through which john lennon could look at the pieces of himself and watch them in play - the first person to self create the movie of the beatles was john.

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Jean Cocteau once wrote a play called The Eagle Has Two Heads exploring the dualistic states of male and female, upper and lower class, master and servant. When I think of Regina it is in the same way, poet on the one hand, prose writer on the other. 
A creator of two interwoven characters Shelby and Alberto, female and male, two sides of the creator – and in her more intimate works; husband and wife – whilst in prose the mysterious and unnamed ‘she’ and her relationship with God.
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and YES! a great day, a wonderful celebration; HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stosha!!
Yu, wow, i owe many, many thanks - for knowing you has brought so much inspiration to my mind and this journal...

You have shared your warmth, humour, intelligence, thoughtfulness, spirit - and personality.
And great writing of course!! 
It's been said by many people and it is true, you are unique, there's no/one else quite like you!!:)) 
So this post is for you with all best wishes and good feelings.

From one side of the world to another - have a gooood birthday!!!:)))

so, Что дальше единорога?

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Well, the night you was born

Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red

The night you was born

I swear the moon turned a fire red

Many a poor mother cried out lord, the gypsy was right!

That gypsy woman that told your Pa

Gonna be mystic, gonna go far.

Got born east of Main Street under a shooting star

You could steal Groucho Marx’s cigar

And smile

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P 4 Pan

Aug. 12th, 2009 09:25 am
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and tacking north north-west when the wind was in the south
i could tell where we were heading
prospero's other island where the pied piper took us
singing as we went


yes i believe!

i have faith in your clockwork logic
we can fly along your wires

and we danced right off the stage
down along the trenches
and out of the age

do not age

under this flat feld
in the compass of an island
in our never never
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i am sure you will find The Adventure of the Entertaining Birthday
an elementary case to solve, but not devoid of interest i hope!:))

С днем рождения!
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given the wonders of time-zones i may not have completely missed bob dylan's birthday,
so happy birthday bob!
this is an obvious enough choice of song but it's a real favourite of mine
and who else can take a song that stretches a shaggy dog tale
from ancient egypt to the arctic via f. scott fitzgerald
and use it to create an alchemical tract about marriage - huh?

(vid and lyrics below)

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Have yourself a mighty fine shindig now y'hear?
And one hell of a shiny birthday:))))
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 as requested - one cute guy from a birthday cake!!!:)))

have a great day!!:)))


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