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six: of Elephants and Endings.

And there was darkness, and the darkness was troubled.
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five: Alice's adventures underground and in the air

 Falling into an aeroplane should not take a long time, or so Alice supposed,
and yet here she was floating through the darkness at a rate that could only be described as slow.
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four: Alice’s Adventures on the Island – and what she found there.

 “Curiouser and Curiouser,” said Alice as she and the Baron walked slowly through the teaming undergrowth of the island. “I mean – it seems to me that a moment ago it was night time, but now we seem to be in the middle of the day.”

The Baron huffed impatiently. “People are always in the middle of something, everybody knows that.”

“Not everybody,” Alice scowled, “because clearly I didn’t know that.”
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once upon a time there was a girl and a ship and once upon a time
a girl in the water.

But when you float, everything is far away.

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My brother has marble eyes. He never blinks.

i say to him, with my mind, i tell him everything so he will know it’s me and that i’m here, and that they have me in chains but when they were wheeling me in to this place, wheeling me down the long dark passages, i saw something.

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: men. maps and metal

Walking away from the hut of the fast-fingered old woman, I could see the Captain tending to the last of some cargo as it was hauled up from the dock on a treacherous looking pulley; the captain nodded to me and then raised his eyebrows at the ensuing four letter invective that I let fly. Falk had heard just about every sailor’s curse in his time at sea, but rarely so explosively and so continually. I was still swearing and spitting as I strode up to the gangplank.
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Two: The Island

The proud dark ship slipped into the harbour like a cold hand stealing into a glove – waiting for the soft surroundings to warm the tense flesh. Around the shallow inlet there were tropical leaves and petals from a dozen different varieties of flower and tree, layer upon layer, the sunset splashed red and rich and so the dark ship waited for colour also.
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this is the  first chapter of the redrafted new Babylon Dutch story,
which i hope makes a little more sense now...
see previous:

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Memory Lane is a loose environment in which several stories and/or fragments have ended up being set, either by design or by implication or simply accident.
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Memory Lane

Jan. 3rd, 2009 07:48 am
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This story (the prequel to Babylon Dutch, for those who have read it and a newer version than than that seen by two people here on lj) has its tongue firmly in its cheek...
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Part five: into light…

I dreamt I was remembering.

I was in a room, some sort of office, there was a table and there were bright lights but they flickered and nobody seemed to like them, the people in the room kept their eyes averted from the light or put their hands up against it. The hands – I could see them clearly, fine boned and slim.
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Part Four: Through Darkness...

Mariana pauses for a moment after slamming the hard metal door behind her to lean against it. Her jaw clicks as she counts. “Yes?” asks the captain.
She looks up, a feral flash in the eyes and then she pushes herself out from the door again and she’s firm on her feet. “Time’s not laughing,” she says. And though she doesn’t want it to, one of her hands jerks up and flicks at the unkempt fringe of her hair.  
“But you know who you are?” The captain, Falk, sounds like a doctor, the same neutral concern and she meets this with a jut of the chin. “On the inside,” she says, and her eyes are watchful now, “yes.”
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(This is a strange chapter - hope it makes sense! i've drafted it several times - but might come back and change it again - i need to see it up on lj to decide...)

Part Three: Time laughs .

I was surrounded by books they circled around me spinning in a vortex of their own devising, a tornado summoned up for them to ride. “Stop!” I yelled my frantic hands were tiring – and there was an image in my mind now of a dark creature pecking at me as I tried to defend myself. “No more!” I yelled. “I’ve had enough of –“
And if books were birds they’d fly away. I watched them, so many colours, grow wings, chirruping with tropical splendour they were flying about - they were displaying themselves, I realised, they were SHOWING OFF.
“STOP!” I yelled.
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Part two: An Awakening.

I woke up when the bell went – or, I mean, I think I heard a bell – come to that maybe I only think I woke up. I didn’t open my eyes straight away but just rested a bit, feeling my way into wherever I was. I had no idea where that might be. I knew I must have been asleep for a while – there were dreams still making me foggy but, weird I know, I felt good. There was a fresh breeze blowing in from somewhere and over me. I felt hungry I was starving actually it felt like. That got my eyes open more than anything.
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Part one: Lost At Sea

Some rooms seem to welcome you with open arms whilst others push you away;
"Private!" they yell. "No trespassing!"
Then there are the rooms that seem so cold and neutral that they look like a mask, daring you to peer behind the impersonal even as your belly tightens with cold anticipation at what you might find and you fight the urge to back away.
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