Jun. 8th, 2013 01:26 am
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58 minutes of music - come hell, high water, hilarity, deafness, scarlet fever, crazy neighbours and all round typically ridiculous adventures.

it's not everyday i get to play backwards sitar so it was worth it just for that (actually a million other reasons too).
thank you to my avatar (and our cover star) Ms T. (she's a Rhinestone Cowboy)

and that, pop-pickers, was just the beginning as it turns out...

NEXT; is it true? can it be that our dazed hero will spend the foreseeable trapped in the body of yet another musician?!?!?
can any good really come of all this?!?!

frankly; yes.
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i have family visiting this weekend and we've been playing the 1970s Alice boardgame;
a real treat because i haven't seen the game since i was a child.
we would dig it out whenever there was a powercut and sit around playing intently under the oil lamp.

good times and much fun...

i'm not by nature a nostalgic person so i'm happy to report that as well as provoking fond memories
the game is still a good one - changing size and direction, falling foul of the jaberwocky etc.

great stuff!

i was the Cheshire Cat - and lost in fine style!

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alice through the boneyard drifts
between the shadows, the ghosts of ships
whale shapes looming
in the mist

white as a rabbit
black as a hat
alice moves this way and that

no tale told, no story spun
among the hulks
the knave'll run

the knight falls silent
the daylight creeps
and alice in the boneyard sleeps.

the last piece needed an alter - so...

for alicia

Sep. 28th, 2011 03:03 am
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halfway here and halfway there
alice stands upon the stair
to inside out and anywhere

the smile of a cat
that looking glass gleam
the geometry of nonsense
her palace of dream

just a quick response - inspired by alicia-h.
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six: of Elephants and Endings.

And there was darkness, and the darkness was troubled.
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five: Alice's adventures underground and in the air

 Falling into an aeroplane should not take a long time, or so Alice supposed,
and yet here she was floating through the darkness at a rate that could only be described as slow.
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four: Alice’s Adventures on the Island – and what she found there.

 “Curiouser and Curiouser,” said Alice as she and the Baron walked slowly through the teaming undergrowth of the island. “I mean – it seems to me that a moment ago it was night time, but now we seem to be in the middle of the day.”

The Baron huffed impatiently. “People are always in the middle of something, everybody knows that.”

“Not everybody,” Alice scowled, “because clearly I didn’t know that.”
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