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pentangle - wily o'winsbury

as with Rosemary Lane and the various Polly songs, this number is a suddenly remembered key to doors between ideas for stories that i had thought separate... but realise now to be connected.

i also have Meg Baird's lovely versions of this (and the Fairport steal of course) for example this one with helena espvall and the wonderful sharron kraus.

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well it happens all the time - it's censored from our minds
you'll find out...
I am Waiting - The Rolling Stones

One in your belly, and one for Rudi.
You got what you gave by the heel of my bootie.
Bang-bang--Out! like an old cherootie...
The Wedding List - Kate Bush

i went down to the cemetery
to see old Rudi Valentino buried
lipstick traces on his name...
Don't Look Down - Iggy Pop/James Williamson

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Since the world and his be my wife woke up to the Bowie new album happy joy news oh boy...
i thought i would celebrate with a song that is definitely a fave rave and deep and meaningful and what not.
Conversation Piece from the 'lost' album Toy and featuring Lisa Germano.
Much better than the version the Thin One cut back in the 1960s (or so). It's lovely.
And here tis:

all credit to the uploader etc.

i am crazy with the hectics just now and will do a proper catch up asap.
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she knows she's strange...

and long may she run...
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not unconnected...
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oh i love it.
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this is a great version :-)
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this is the song Rosemary Lane...

i love the weed tree EP which the espers version is on -
and i'm putting the youtube link here to remind me of an idea (via prompt)
for a possible steampunk thing... (and via Alicia too!)
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this band are beginning to obsess me...

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nice timing uploader person - ta!

big love for ronnie lane, big love.
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lovely, innit :)
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Lisa Germano's next album 'No Elephants' (apparently!) is done and due feb 12th 2013 c/o Badman records
there's a preview here and a full article here and info on her website...

all of which makes me very, very happy.
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The God of Single Cell Organisms (from Uncommon Deities)

film by marc atkins and chris bigg 2012 c/o the Norwegian Punkt festival network;
david sylvian reads translations of works by Norwegian poets paal-helge haugen and nils christian moe-repstad
sidsel endresen also adds vocal contributions of her own.
music/atmospherics by a whole heap of people

you can find more info here or better yet here..

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so i was thinking about dance and how it often strikes me as human language, body language, the body singing and shouting and stalling and squawking and expressing and refusing to express and all the wonderful and frustrating contradictions and frictions and fictions it can weave - and basically wondering why it is i don't respond to the contemporary work of la la la human steps in the way i used to.

the more recent work of Edouard Lock is undeniably beautiful (and exquisitely performed - in their way the soloists are as fierce on it as ever), and yet...
what has happened?

is it just me that sees a glassy kind of narcissism in the very introverted and tastefully rendered pieces?

is it just my fear of the bourgeois that causes me to regret the neo-classicist reworking of the Lou Reed piece Waiting for the Man, used in the film of Amelia? Music that strikes me as designed to impress documentary makers.

The use of traditional motifs such as the marionette v. svengali may after all be genuinely reflective and expressive of Lock's own experience...

...but it is shuttered, and there's a certain kind of preciousness that is suffocating.

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two cds currently on repeat are amiina and their album puzzle
and the acapella delights of miranda sex garden's madra.

perfect for chrimbo!

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always makes me smiles this song, the whole album actually, so whimsical - just right for this time of year, right by me anyway.
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be all ye roving minstrels merry met
and all my sisters meet again
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